Monday, March 5, 2012

Quote of the Day/Week- Uma Thurman

Today and this month we are quoting who were born in 1970 as I was. We start with the ever-gorgeous Uma Thurman who turns 42 on April 29th. It has recently been reported in the media that is pregnant with her third child.

Thurman is best-known for her roles in films directed by Quentin Tarantino, including "Pulp Fiction," "Kill Bill, Volume 1" and "Kill Bill, Volume 2."

As one might expect, it was hard to find a good image of Thurman to 'borrow' here as many of them are indeed quite revealing. But, it was also hard to get an image from her films that fit in with the space we have.

Here is her quote, which is indeed very shocking, but for the reasons one might presume:

"Even today, when people tell me I'm beautiful, I don't believe a word of it."

SIDEBAR ONE: Kudos to the men's basketball team from UNC-Asheville, as the team won the Big South Conference title and will now likely play a one or two-seed in the NCAA tournament. The Bulldogs (24-9), the top seed in the Big South tournament, defeated the seventh-seeded VMI Keydets 80-64 on its home court. Jeremy Atkins lead all scoring for the Bulldogs with 18 points.

SIDEBAR TWO: Only in Turkey, my late father's country! Two soccer games over the weekend were played in 'front of women and children' only. Soccer hooliganism is rampant in Turkey as it is in neighboring Greece, but yes, even though I'm a Turkish-American, this seems both silly and excessive. Assuredly, everyone in Turkey will defend this exercise even they think it's silly and excessive too.

The results of the two game that were played under these conditions were:

Bursaspor 3 Karabukspor 0

Trabzonspor 2 Besiktas* 1

*- the Istanbul soccer power is pronounced Beshiktash in English.

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