Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Tweets, Contd_ The Bard is Back

Yes, it's a snowy night here in Coffin Gulch, Nebraska.....well, that is a fictional town in the tv version of Lucky Luke aka the French cowboy and we are pretty far from the Cornhusker State, but it is snowing here in the Mid-Atlantic part of America.

So, we thought it was a good time to post some new entries and look at tweets from the college gymnastics world, pro hockey and PBS, which we imagine Mitt Romney is watching right now with his grandchildren (forgive the political humor); here are the tweets:

1) Alabama Gymnastics @BamaGymnastics: Sophomore Kayla Williams just tied her career best on the balance beam with a a score of 9.9

2) IlliniGymnastics @IlliniGym: #Illini women vs. #spartans tomorrow at 4. #PinkMeet RT @ MSUGymnastics: We have arrived in Champaign.

3) Washington Capitals @WasCaps: Ilya Kovalchuk scores Devils goal in overtime: Final score: Devils 3 Caps 2 OT

4) AngelicaAlvarez_WTVD @Alvarez_wtvd: Car having trouble getting up a hill on Wade Ave in Raleigh.

5) UK Gymnastics @UK Gymnastics_ Kentucky is facing Alabama tonight on the road: Kenzie Hedges and Shannon Mitchell post solid scores for UK both earning 9.85

6) Pete Cashmore @mashable: Exxon Mobil Passes Apple to Become World's Most Valuable Company.

7) PBS @PBS: If you're watching Shakespeare Uncovered tonight let us know what you think please use hashtags #PBS

Tweets for a Snowy Friday Night

Since there is a major SEC women's gymnastics meet between the University of Florida Gators and the Auburn Tigers tonight, we thought we'd go with this image of an alligator; our apologies to Auburn fans as we would also post an image of a tiger but we want to get this entry up before 5:00 a.m., Dubai time (they are nine hours ahead of New York); here we go!:

1) Auburn Gymnastics @AuGymnastics: "Florida native Abby Habicht scores a 9.775. Megan up now."

2) Washington DC News @wasdcnews: "Obama Heaps Praise on Hillary Clinton in Joint Appearance."

3) Gator Gymnastics @GatorZoneGym: "Ashanee Dickerson scores a 9.925 on vault! Go #Gators! #LinktoPink

4) Sundance Channel @SundanceChannel: "@ItsDakotaFannin stopped by #Sundance Channel HQ to tell us a secret and discuss Very Good Girls."

5) AnthonyWilson @AWilsonABC11: "Downtown Raleigh, a ghost town. The ice u cant see can hurt you, so avoid the roads and #dont drive."

6)Hartford Courant @hartfordcourant: "Legislators Hear Calls for More Mental Health Services in Schools, More Police Officers."

7) Post Sports @PostSports: "Nats name William Howard Taft new racing president."

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best Tweets of the Night

Greetings from Coffin Gulch, Nebraska (this is a fictional town in the cartoon version of the famed 'French cowboy' Lucky Luke, and no we are not in Nebraska).

Here is a look at some nifty tweets from Saturday night. We should point that in no way are we suggesting that Democratic strategist Donna Brazile is a far left radical like Angela Davis (pictured here), in fact, this is a center-left blog. And, our views on gun control are likely to cost us readers in Coffin Gulch.

Here are a rundown of the tweets, circa 6:00 p.m. in Coffin Gulch, Nebraska (for the sake of clarity full names are given):

1) PSU Gymnastics @ PennStWGym (Penn State Women's Gymnastics): Madison Merrian hit her foot hard on the bar we'll see how she is (Merrian had a 9.8 earlier in the meet on vault in a home meet versus Minnesota, Kent State and Towson).

2) Donna Brazile @donnabrazile: "As a black woman, we have gone through so much with our hair. So, let it roll. Curl it or wear it natural: What you say?"

3) Shannon Wheeler @MuchCoffee (Mr. Wheeler is a cartoonist in Portland, Ore.): "Happy gun day."

4) Trample by Turtles @tbtduluth (TBT is a popular folk, rock band): "I think we should spend winters in AZ."

5) Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost: "Booboo the grizzly bear cub is safe and sound." (Yeah, we are wondering about the details ourselves!)

6) VCU Ram Nation @VCURamNation (VCU is a college basketball team in Richmond, Va., they were winning by a large margin over JMU tonight in men's basketball): "Juvonte Reddic with another bucket in the paint.

7) Michigan Hockey @umichhockey: The Lakers tie it up with just over a minute left in the first period 1-1. (Michigan's men's hockey team is on the road tonight @ Lake Superior State, the Wolverines beat the Lakers 6-4 on Friday night).

Our New Outline for 2013

Here is our new plan for 2013:

Sunday (1st and 3rd) Weekend Tweets

Sunday (2nd, 4th and 5th) Comic Strip Dialogue (if we don't get a cease and desist order from Judge Parker)

Mondays (1st and 3rd starting in Feb). Sports Update- college gymnastics

Mondays (2nd, 4th and 5th) Sports Update- college basketball

Tuesdays- Quote of the Week

Wednesdays- Weather Around the World

Thursdays- Silly Photo to Fill Space

Friday- Weekend Extras

Saturday- Weekend Extras

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coming Soon....Our Worst Person of the Year for 2012

We will soon announce our worst person of the year, or goat of the year, for 2012 within the next few days. Michele Bachmann is actually going to be the first runner-up?!

We were also hoping to post an image of a goat from the province of Denizli in Turkey, where there are many, many goats, but alas we just had to go with what we could find.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quote of the Week- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Yes, it has been a long time, but this blog is continuing on.

Today in honor of my late father Mehmet Gokbudak (1921-1983), we are quoting his personal hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the modern Republic of Turkey in 1923. My father would have turned 92 on Jan.7th.

Here is the quote:

"Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder."

This Blog Will Go On....

Yes, there have been way too many distractions as of late, but we are hoping to continue this blog in 2013, though in all probability not with the fervent frequency we've posted with in recent years.

One of our hopes this year is to post a Weekly World Weather Update on Wednesdays, starting on Jan. 23, and we are also going to attempt to post Sports Desk Updates on Mondays, hopefully with the start of Mon., Jan. 21.

Today, we are going to provide a sneak peak of our proposed world weather series with a look at the temperature in Bursa, Turkey, which is the country's fourth largest city.

Bursa is also the hope of our good friends Haviat and Karagoz (he's the dude with the beard on the right); all temps are Fahrenheit:

Athens, Georgia* 73 (sunny, slear)

Bursa, Turkey 49 (cloudy)

Chapel Hill, NC* 67 (partly sunny)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 65 (clear)

London, England, UK 37 (rainy)

Provo, Utah* 18 (cloudy)

Utrecht, Holland 30 (cloudy)

*-American cities, each of them are also college towns.