Sunday, May 31, 2015

Top Ten Comic Strips from Sunday May 31st "Washington Post".....We Like Lio Again!

Greetings to our blog readers in Serbia, Argentina and Australia.........

It took us like 3.5 hours to find the images above, so let's get straight to the list...

Well, first, we should add that Cheech and Chong (top)  are in reference to this week's "Lio" comic strip in which the title character kills a weed who is smoking weed, we imagine this might be a reason why the comic strip can not be found in newspapers in South Carolina and West Virginia.

The Danish import "WuMo" has a fat man blowing up dolls who look like him and other tourists at a beach, which is why we chose to go with an image of a potentially Cute Annoying Young Couple wind-surfing in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Lastly, we go with an image of rhinos as an homage to this week's "Mark Trail" even though the strip did not make our top ten:

1) Lio

2) WuMo

3) The Argyle Sweater (featured pizza cops at the scene of the crime!)....

4) Foxtrot

5) Baldo

6) Sherman's Lagoon

7) Speed Bump

8) Brewster Rockit: Space Guy

9) Knight Life

10) Frazz

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Top Ten Things To Do List (Satire): Catch Up on Michael Caine Flicks


We haven't done this for a while, and we experienced tech glitches. Where is Javier the Intern when we need him?

Here is a satirical top 10 things we need to do list:

1 ) Read "The Great Gatsby" again

2) Plan 2016 trip to Peru (pict. center)

3) Watch four Michael Caine films even if you have seen them before, perhaps you can watch them with Zappa the Family Cat

4) Watch stars at night

5) Play Angry Birds for 4.5 hours in a row

6) Mow the neighbor's lawn

7) Wash Car

8) Laundry

9) Read the latest issue of "The Economist"

10) Find a missing pug

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Top Ten Sunday Comic Strips from the "Roanoke Times:" Yeah, No Room for Hi and Lois

Greetings to our blog readers in Tunisia, Germany and Slovakia...........

Today, we are blogging while listening to "The Best of Bread," a compilation of hits from the '70s soft rock band Bread fronted by David Gates, who is alas like the last or next to last guy from the band who is still alive. And, we are also one hour away from the series finale of "Mad Men," which might possibly end with a song from Bread.

Here are our top ten comic strips, which include an independent business owner who wants to protest the government ("Pearls Before Swine") which reminded us of the comic book guy from "The Simpsons," a dragon preparing to snack on a knight ("Speed Bump") and Garfield coming in second to Odie at a talent show ("Garfield"), perhaps next time the 37-year-old cat should take up juggling or tap dancing:

1. Speed Bump

2. Pearls Before Swine

3. Garfield

4. Doonesbury

5. Get Fuzzy

6. Non-Sequitur

7. Agnes

8. Dilbert

9. Mutts

10. Jump Start

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Top 10 Comics from the Mother's Day Sunday 'Washington Post:' It's Not Easy Being Green

Greetings to our blog readers in Malaysia, Malta and Mexico....maybe, we should go with Greece instead of Malta; it's a larger country.....oh, ooops, sorry for thinking out loud!

Today, our ten favorite comic strips from "The Washington Post" included "WuMo" bringing in Hulk, a Gremlin, and Yoda, to the office, to show off that they are now being green. Get it? Well, it's funny if you see it: ......our assumption is that Kermit the Frog feels a bit snubbed.

In second place, "Lio" continues a great tribute to filmmaker Ridley Scott with a comic strip homage to "Blade Runner"  featuring all the characters for the film which will be midnight screened at the Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah from June 12th to the 14th. Here is the link:

Dave Coverly's single-panel strip "Speed Bump" features a kangaroo who carries a puppy in her pouch: http://www.gocomics/speedbump

We also really liked "Mark Trail," an educational science comic strip which informs us about those dreaded doodlebugs (pict. center):

Here is our top ten:

1. WuMo

2. Lio

3. Speed Bump

4. Foxtrot

5. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy

6. Reply All

7. Rhymes with Orange

8. The Argyle Sweater

9. Dustin

10. Mark Trail

For our look at our ten favorite strips from "The Roanoke Times," go to our sister blog (not my sister's blog) at

Friday, May 8, 2015

Top Ten Comics from Sunday Denver Post: North to Alaska

Greetings to our blog readers in Australia, Hungary and Russia.....

This week, we slightly depart with our survey of comic strips from the Sunday edition of "The Washington Post" with a look at our top ten favorite comic strips from "The Denver Post" (May 3rd edition).

The newspaper is one of the few which carries Chris Carpenter's great strip "Tundra," set in his native Alaska, which this week featured a gag about a guy who is on the low end of a totem pole. "Closer to Home" by John McPherson featured a TSA agent who decides to use an air passenger's spray deodorant.  "Sherman's Lagoon" features a squabble between married sharks about what to watch on. In Jim Toomey's last strip panel, the reader wants the male shark to change people, which made us think he just might be watching something like "Swamp People."

Here is our top ten from "The Denver Post:"

1. Tundra

2. Close to Home

3. Sherman's Lagoon

4. Bound and Gagged

5. Baldo

6. Pearls Before Swine

7. Rhymes with Orange

8. Jump Start

9. Dilbert

10. Frazz

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Top Ten Sunday Comics from The Washington Post: We Love Lio

Greetings to our blog readers in Australia, Chile and Honduras.........

We have not ranked comic strips from the Sunday papers since February! This week, the comic strip "Mike Du Jour" cracks the top ten for the first time.

Among the highlights were a "Lio" homage to Ridley Scott's "Alien," "Brewster Rockit" making fun of an aging robot called Oldbot, and "WuMO" examining what might happen if fish have taosted bagels for breakfast. Additionally, "Sherman's Lagoon" revolved around a husband and wife's spat over what to watch on tv. Perhaps, we can all agree on "Mad Men" tonight?!

Here is our top ten:

1) Lio

2) Brewster Rockit

3) WuMo

4) Foxtrot

5) Pearls Before Swine

6) Sherman's Lagoon

7) Knight Life

8) Speed Bump

9) Prickly City

10) Mike Du Jour

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Last Ten Records We've Listened To: New Wave and Soft Rock

Greetings to our blog readers in Hong Kong, Ireland and Israel: Well, we thought finding an image of the Cesar Romero Joker from the '60s tv version of "Batman" with Adam Best would easier to use than one of the late Heath Ledger in the same role for one of the franchise blockbuster movies, but actually the reverse is true!

Here are the last ten records we have listened to........

1. Nick Lowe. The Rose of England. 1985.

2. The Tubes. Now. 1977.

3. The Steve Miller Band. The Joker. 1973

4. Badfinger. Magic Christian Music. 1971

5. Slade. Stomp Your Hands and Clap Your Feet*. 1974.

6. Culture Club. Kissing to Be Clever. 1982.

7. The Plastics**. Welcome Back. 1981.

8. Chris de Burgh. The Getaway. 1982.

9. Sad Cafe. Sad Cafe.*** 1980

10. Squeeze. Cool for Cats. 1979 (pict. top)

*- Album was released as "Old Borrowed and Blue" in U.K.

**- A short-lived Japanese New Wave band.

***-This was actually not the band's first record.