Sunday, May 3, 2015

Top Ten Sunday Comics from The Washington Post: We Love Lio

Greetings to our blog readers in Australia, Chile and Honduras.........

We have not ranked comic strips from the Sunday papers since February! This week, the comic strip "Mike Du Jour" cracks the top ten for the first time.

Among the highlights were a "Lio" homage to Ridley Scott's "Alien," "Brewster Rockit" making fun of an aging robot called Oldbot, and "WuMO" examining what might happen if fish have taosted bagels for breakfast. Additionally, "Sherman's Lagoon" revolved around a husband and wife's spat over what to watch on tv. Perhaps, we can all agree on "Mad Men" tonight?!

Here is our top ten:

1) Lio

2) Brewster Rockit

3) WuMo

4) Foxtrot

5) Pearls Before Swine

6) Sherman's Lagoon

7) Knight Life

8) Speed Bump

9) Prickly City

10) Mike Du Jour

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