Sunday, July 26, 2015

Top Ten Comic Strips from Comics Kingdom: We Like Bizarro

Greetings to our blog readers in Panama, Denmark, and Singapore.
Happy 72nd birthday to Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.
This week, we take a look at our ten favorite Sunday comic strips from the Kings Comics Distributor, which features strips as diverse as "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" by John Rose of Harrisonburg, Va., and "Zippy the Pinhead" by Bill Griffith, from Hartford, Conn., actually we are not really sure where the cult cartoonist lives, but last we heard it was somewhere in the Nutmeg State.
The images are of 1) The original "King Kong" (1933) with the late Fay Wray is an image we are using for "Bizarro," which showed King Kong's fist and Fay Wray (the barefoot woman in his hand has also been played by Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts) going through the Empire State Building; 2) Tony Hawk, the skateboarding legend now in his mid-40s, is used for "Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog" which showed the boy in the strip getting carried with skateboarding tricks; and 3) a chemistry lab is used for "The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee."
Those three comic strips are three of our top favorites from Kings Comics, but we also  liked "Rhymes with Orange," which featured a man on a couch.
Today, we will also mark which comic strips are in "The Washington Post" (Sunday edition) with a WP, and "The Denver Post" (also Sunday edition) with a DP as well as the "Mrytle Beach Sun" in Myrtle Beach, SC, with a MBS.
1. Bizarro
2. Dustin WP; MBS
3. Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog
4. The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
5. Rhymes with Orange WP; DP
6. Take It from the Tinkersons
7. Pardon My Planet
8. Retail
9. Zippy the Pinhead
10. Hagar the Horrible WP, MBS

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