Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Top 10 Sunday Comics from the Washington Post: Prickly City Gets 1st Place for the 1st Time

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The images above are of: 1) Adam West and Burt Ward from the '60s tv version of "Batman," 2) R.Crumb's "Fritz the Cat" and 3) the late Bob Denver as Gilligan on another '60s tv series "Gilligan's Island." These are in reference to our top three finishers: 1) "Prickly City," 2) "Lio" and 3) "Non Sequitur." This is the very first time Scott Stantis' "Prickly City" has been our top choice, though it is frequently in the top ten.

In "Prickly City," the two title characters, a cat and a little girl, are blind-folded and they say: "Now, we finally see eye to eye" or something to that effect. In Mark Tatulli's "Lio," the title character, a ten-year-old boy named Lio who never ages (but he is otherwise quite different from Charlie Brown and Dennis the Menace) gets pulled by an angry cat to a liquor store. And, in "Non-Sequitur" by a cartoonist named Wiley, a man's hops to get off the desert island are dashed.

Here is the list

1. Prickly City

2. Lio

3. Non Sequitur

4. Brewster Rockit: Space Guy

5. WuMo

6. Candorville

7. Pearls Before Swine

8. Speed Bump

9. Sherman's Lagoon

10. Foxtrot

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