Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ten Songs Heard on Steve-FM; Roanoke, Va: Today's Tom Sawyer

Here are ten songs we heard in consecutive order from the 7:00-8:00 p.m. hour on Steve-FM (106.1-Roanoke,Va.); most of the songs were from the 1980s, including "Tom Sawyer" from Rush, which was NOT a top 40 hit and became popular mainly through MTV (back in the day), "If You Leave..." a hip new wave ballad from OMD for the Molly Ringwald film "Pretty in Pink," and "Need You Tonight" from INXS.

Also from the '80s, we heard Talking Heads' "And She Was," which was a cool pleasant surprise.

The image of the yesteryear boxing bout is in reference to Christina Aguilera's "Fighter," a 2003 hit that we were completely oblivious to when it came out!

Here is the list:

1. "Tom Sawyer," Rush. 1981.

2. "If You Leave....," OMD, 1989

3. "Long Run," The Eagles, 1979

4. "Need You Tonight," INXS, 1987

5. "Fighter," Christina Aguilera, 2003.

6. "And She Was," Talking Heads, 1985.

7. "The Joker," Steve Miller Band, 1973.

8. "Honey, I'm Good," Andy Grammer, 2014.

9. "Funky Cold Medina," Tone Loc, 1989.

10. "When I Come Around," Green Day. 1995.

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