Monday, July 9, 2012

Things We Learned on the Internet Today-Banksy Got Banksied

This happened back in 2011, which was like 11 years ago in cyber-time, but the mystic, unknown street artist/vandal/cult icon Banksy's famous/infamous painting "Charlie Brown Arsonist" was stolen from its Hollywood Boulevard location in Los Angeles, and rumors have it that it got sold on e-bay. We are fairly certain that the Charles Schultz estate got none of the proceeds.

Incidentally, we learned from the web site for "Mental Floss" magazine that Schulz's "Peanuts" comic strip debuted back when Harry S. Truman was president!

Also, the following are trending on Bing: Natalie Wood, Anderson Silva, Afghan woman executed, Denise Rich, Adrien Peterson and Tom Cruise Divorce. Apparently, Katie Holmes didn't make the cut, but she will apparently reap lots of loot from the divorce and never have to go a Scientology gathering again.

The case of how the actress Natalie Wood ("Splendor in the Grass," "Rebel without a Cause") mysteriously died at age 43 in 1981 from an apparent drowning incident has been reopened as a file case.

Denise Rich is apparently a rich socialite who made millions producing records. Apparently, she was renounced her American citizenship to avoid paying taxes. Now, we see why this made headlines on Fox News (we saw it at a gas station; yes, it's normally a network we don't watch).

And, alas, a woman was apparently executed for adultery in Afghanistan. What is murky to us is whether this was an official execution carried out by the state, or if it was carried out by a civilian on his own accord. Either way, it is a travesty.

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