Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Casualties of Modern Technology (12 of 12)_ Mixed Tapes

The hard part for this particular entry, as in quite often the case, was finding the right image to hotlink; this one does seem to illustrate what audio cassettes looked like for those who were born after Foo Fighters were formed (in 1994, for those of you lost track of music after The Ramones).

According to Wikipedia, a mix taped or mixed tape is a compilation of songs recorded on an audio cassette which reflect the often eclectic tapes of the person doing the recording of the tape. 

Mixed tapes were the subject of "Rolling Stone" writer Rob Sheffield's touching, excellently written memoir "Love in a Mixed Tape" where he talks about how mutual love in music help him meet the love of his life while he was residing in Charlottesville, Va. Sheffiled's memoir has this great line, which all of us of his generation (I am four years younger than Sheffiled myself) can relate to: "According to the great Western philosopher Pat Benatar, love is a battlefield."

 For me, personally, as of today, my 'perfect mixed tape side,' presuming I get one of those 90-minute tapes as opposed to the dreaded 60-minute tapes would include these songs: 1) "Kiss Me on the Bus" by The Replacements (1985)  2:48;  "Redneck Friend" by Jackson Browne (1973) 3:56; "Shake It Up" by The Cars (1981) 3:32; "Distant Early Warning"by Rush (1984) 4:56; "Simarik/Spolied" by Tarkan (1997) 3:10; "I Remember Asheville" by Bruce Piephoff (2007) 4:56; "The Harder They Come" bu Jimmy Cliff (1972) 3:45; "Station to Station" by David Bowie 10:56; "Hello Darlin" by Conway Twitty (1970) 2:56; "Take Me to the River" by Talking Heads (1978) 5:00.

Tarkan is a Turkish pop singer. Bruce Piephoff is an acclaimed singer/song-writer from Greensboro. For the rest of the bands and artists, go to bing.com; Wow! This was way too much work for one entry.

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