Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reports from the Olympic Village Via Twitter


We have seen various tweets tonight about the Olympics: From folks watching the games on tv in Providence, Rhode Island, to some of the actual competitors at the 2012 London Olympics.

Here are eight tweets we have collected from Saturday night; Saturday was the first official day of Olympic competition:

1) Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack: Every gymnast who doesn't break their neck deserves a gold medal.

2) Hayva @havruss: Yes! Nurden Karagox cleared 85 kg!*

3) Jason Davis @davisjsn: NBC pays billions of dollars to give us coverage about the Olympics instead of actually showing, you know, the Olympics.

4) Meghan Kathleen @mbk51: "Dude doing gymnastics for us looks like Carlton from Fresh Prince. Awesome floor routine bro.

5) Miguel Ponce @migsy312: "gymnasts and swimmers have to be some of the most pristine category of athletes on the planet."

6) Joseph Birdsong: "Every time someone younger than me wins a gold medal, I look in the mirror and whisper to myself, "I hate you."

7) Adam Fogle @adam_fogle: "McDonald's sponsoring the Olympics is like Marlboro sponsoring the Olympics" **

8) Susan Francia @zfrancia: "So awesome waking up to all the messages of support! Thank You!"***

*-The Turkish women's weightlifter Nurdan Karagoz (pictured on top) lifted 83 kilograms in the snatch and 104 kilograms in the clutch in her division for a fifth place finish. Karagoz was the only non-Asian athlete in the top six. Wang Minguan of China won gold in the event.

**-The Big Mac is MacDonald's signature burger (pictured middle) though we are not fast food connoisseurs the  views expressed by Adam Fogle are not ones we share, but one has to doubt that the likes of Jordyn Wieber, a standout American women's gymnast, eats burgers and fries on a daily basis.

***-This is an official tweet from Susan Francia, an American rower who has had a remarkable career. But, she is perhaps best known for her risque quasi-nude photos which nay 14-year-old boy can find on the web; we chose not to post them here so we can remain popular in Dubai.

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