Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Olympics List (10 of 10): The Medalists

1) Felix Loch (pictured). 24. Germany. Men's Luge. Won two gold.
2) Justine Dufour-Lapointe (pictured center). 19. Canada. Quebec. Free-style Skiing. Won Gold.
3) Yuzuru Hanyu (pictured bottom). 19. Japan. Men's Figure Skating. Won gold.
4) Enin Rukajarvi. 23. Finland. Women's Snowboarding. Won silver.
5) David Wise. 23. USA. Reno, Nev. Free-style Skiing. Won gold.
6) Anatasiya Kuzmina. 29. Slovakia. Women's Biathlon. Won gold (only one for Slovakia)
7) Vic Wild. 27. Russia. Men's Snowboarding. Won gold (also an American citizen)
8) Jorien ter Mors. 24. Netherlands. Women's Speed-skating. Won gold.
9) Ivica Kostelic. 34. Croatia. Men's Alpine. Won silver.
10) Martina Sabikova. 26. Czech Republic. Women's Speed-skating. Won gold.
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