Monday, December 31, 2012

Comic Strip Dialogue_ Write a Novel in 2013

We conclude the year with some comic strip dialogue from the Sunday, Dec. 23rd edition of "The Roanoke Times," we hope you enjoy:
1) "Yes, thanks. I was behind on my holiday venting" (from "Baby Blues")
2) "Looks like your Uncle Fred has had too muc Christmas Cheer Again!" (from "Funky Winkerbean")
3) "Did you find the snake in the cubicle?" (from "Dilbert")
4) "Yaaa!" (from "Get Fuzzy")
5) "What are you going to do?" (from "Hi and Lois")
6) "I'm baking Christmas cookies for Liz!" (from "Garfield")
7) "Grampa, have you ever seen Santa Claus?" (from "Pickles")

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