Monday, December 31, 2012

Comic Strip Dialogue_ Work Out More in 2013

Happy New Year to those of you in Istanbul, Turkey, where it will be midnight in ten minutes. We imagine there are a few pilates studios there though one well assume they would be fewer in number than Starbucks places!

Here is comic strip dialogue from the Sunday Dec. 2, 2012,, edition of "The Washington Post":

1) "Good thing I was born with no apparent purpose in life" (from "Sherman's Lagoon").

2) "Clean your room" (from "Zits")

3) "What?" (from "Doonesbury")

4) "Nope that's prograstination" (from "Knight Life").

5) "By the way, when is dad going to call me?" (from "Judge Parker")

6) "The casin's paying him big money" (from "The Amazing Spiderman")

7) "Walk it in and rise up as you release the breath of a new start" (from "Reply All")

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