Monday, December 3, 2012

Comic Strip Dialogue_ In the Mending Pile

Wow! What-a-nightmare we've had trying to get this blog entry up; it was initially supposed to be posted by midnight, New York Time, which was 16.5 hours ago.
At any rate, here are some samples of actual dialogue from various comic strips, most of them are Sunday strips and about of them are from yesterday's edition of "The Roanoke Times" in Roanoke, Va. As much as we love doing this series, we will only be doing it until the end of the year. As it is time-consuming and there is the chance that Hank Ketcham of "Dennis the Menace" fame will see this blog entry and not be amused (this is actually a joke, Ketcham has been dead for a full decade, but the comic strip was still in his name up until just a few years ago.)
#- Strips which are not carried by "The Roanoke Times."
%- Strip dialogue that was used from a daily strip
*- Strips we have never quoted before
1) "She usually just leaves stuff there till we've grown out of them!!!" (from "For Better or For Worse," yes, it is the reason why we have a children's Smurfs t-shirt. This is also the strip which lead to us calling this entry "The Mending Pile," since this retro term was used in that same strip)
2) "Your homework better be finished" (from "Zits")
3)  "Can we take a rain check? I've got some thinking to do." (from "Funky Winkerbean," our personal favorie line of the day).
4) "Go back to your cubicle and don't leave until five o'clock."
5) "Mystery Science Theatre 3000"? What's that?" (from "Sally Forth")
6) "I must've missed that?" (from "Blondie," said by Santa Claus)
7) "Come to think of it, you're kind of a copy cat" (from "Hi and Lois")
8) "Who robbed my coffee shop?" (from "Jump Start")
9) "See that girl across he room? She just whispered she wants me..." (from "Rhymes with Orange#%)
10) "Think now's a good time to have some friends over?" (from "The Pajama Dairies" *#)
11) "Well, you know I've always wanted to party like a rock star." (from "Mother Goose and Grimm.") #
12) "Well I think we have a good start and a lot to think about." (from "Prickly City") #%
13) "I did it! A Thousand! Somebody take my picture! Unbelievable!" (from "Animal Crackers") *#
14) "But it don't make no sense" (from "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith") *#
15) "Wait a minute....was so and so elected" (from "Zippy the Pinhead.") *#

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