Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Political Confusion Test (Entry 17 of 21)_ Feist or Toby Keith

My sister who resides with her husband and their two cats in a suburb of Anchorage, Alaska, (in-joke) was kind enough to get me "Stephen Colbert's Christmas Special" for the holidays and I was really taken in by the unlikely duet between independent darling Feist and country singer Toby Keith, who has been known to make provocative statements regarding the use of military force.

The two are extremely different from each other as (Leslie) Feist, who some times performs with the band Broken Social Scene, is a laid-back starlett who hit it big with her release "The Reminder" that featured the hit single "1....2.....3....4." She is also Canadian, and I presume she does not eat beef.

Keith, on the other hand, is a vocal militant country singer from Clinton, Okl.,
who hit it big with the song "How Do You Like Me Now?" in 1999. Keith played a hunter on Colbert's Christmas special, which seems very appropriate given his politics.

But, amazingly enough, Keith who was a hard-core supporter of George W. Bush during the 2004 presidential election considers himself a 'conservative Democrat' even though at times times he makes Sen. Joe Lieberman look like Hugo Chavez. Keith is also good friends with Cong. Dan Boren (D-Okl)....what a minute, there's actually a Democratic congressman from Oklahoma?!

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For the record, my sister does not actually live in Alaska.


WTF!! said...

Feist does a nice cover of The Bee Gees' "Love You Inside Out", though nothing beats the original!

Spent a night in Clinton, Oklahoma in the summer of '05. They have a Route 66 Museum and a good Chinese restaurant named Wong's, right off Interstate 40.

Nocturalguy38 said...

I'll have to eat an egg roll @ Wong's if I'm ever in Clinton, Okl.!