Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celebrity B-Days

Today happens to be the 44th birthday for both Jon Cryer and Martin Lawrence.

My mother Lila Duckworth (fictional name) who lives in Rome, Virginia (fictional place) happens to be a big fan of "Two and a Half Men."

But, since I come of age during the presidency of Ronald McDonald (fictional variation on real person), I will, of course, see Mr. Cryer as Ducky from "Pretty in Pink," which is pictured here.

I also want to wish my good friend Bilge Ebiri (real person) a happy birthday as well. I am not sure if he watches "Two and a Half Men."

We apologize to Mr. Lawrence for not writing more about him......but I will try to add "Bad Boys" to my Netflix que to make it up to him.

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Anonymous said...

PRETTY IN PINK - a silly movie. Poor kids behaving like rich ones. Good work from Spader, though.