Friday, April 17, 2009

New Series- Dead or Alive- Entry 1 of 11

Call it "The Abe Vigoda Question" but there are times when all of us see someone in a tv show or a movie and ask: "Is that person still alive?"

Since I have the vintage '80s comedy film "Caddyshack" in my Netflix que in the hopes of actually inviting people over to see the film with me for a house pary (the last time I did this one person showed up), I thought I would go with Ted Knight.

I am actually going to show four films over two weeks with Rodney Dangerfield in them. FYI, Rodney is alas no longer with us.

Yes, you may know if Knight is dead or alive, but I will not reveal that until our next entry.

But, here are some fun facts about the beloved comedic actor:

-He was born on Dec. 7, 1923, in Terryville, Conn.

-Knight was decorated five times for bravery during World War II

-Played the antagonist Ted Baxter on the '70s sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"

-Looks exactly like one of my all-time favorite Republicans Barry Goldwater (it should be noted I am a Democrat, and I probably would have voted for LBJ if I had been alive in 1964, but you still got to love that Arizona senator....who is dead by the way).

-Knight plays a cell guard in "Psycho" (1960). He got a mere $150 for the part.

-Spokesperson for Southgate Shopping Center near Cleveland in the 1970s.

-Wore college sweat shirts sent in by real college students for his '80s sitcom "Too Close for Comfort." (pictured here). I wonder if he ever wore a sweat-shirt from Radford University (my alma mater).

-Was voice of The Flash and Superman for those silly '70s cartoon that all of us Gen X boys vegged out on during our Saturday mornings. 'Course, today most of us have grown up and started our own blogs!


WTF!! said...

Ted Knight was in PSYCHO? And did voices for "Superfriends"? That's a kick in the head!

Nocturalguy38 said...

Yes, but you didn't answer the question: "Is he dead or alive?" I suspect you know!

WTF!! said...

Of course Ted Knight is dead! Who doesn't know this?

WTF!! said...

Saw PSYCHO Wednesday evening. Sure enough...Knight has a few seconds onscreen as a prison guard.