Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here is My Final Four

I have watched an unholy amount of college basketball game this year. I even saw each of the six overtimes between Syracuse and Connecticut last week. But, I would not call myself an expert.

Nevertheless, I am in the process of putting together my bracket selections.

And, my Final Four has Michigan State ( a two-seed) playing Missouri (a three-seed) and two number one seeds Pitt and UNC playing each other in the other Final 4 game in Detroit.

I am also picking Pitt to beat Michigan State in the final game. I must profess that one of the main reasons why I am picking the Spartans to lose in their home state is because my Facebook friend Timothy Heyer of Charlotte, NC, who is an ardent right-winger (we have exchanged our differences!), happens to be an alumnus of Michigan State.

Given the way Republican Senators have been blocking President Barack Obama, it seems like choosing Michigan State over Pitt is just not something I can do....at least, not this year!

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