Friday, August 14, 2015

Comic Strip Conversations: Pickles to Sherman's Lagoon

Here a sample of Sunday comic strip lines pasted together as if they are one singular long conversation. The images above are of: 1) Dilbert, 2) Zits, and 3) Baldo. Other comic strips featured in this piece are "Pickles," "Pearls Before Swine," and "Judge Parker" as well as "Sherman's Lagoon."
1. "That sounds like an excuse" (Dilbert, May 3rd)

2. "So what are you guys going to do tonight?" (Zits, March 29th)

3. "I'll be in my cubicle I have work to do," (Judge Parker, March 29th)

4. "There must be something you can do for me." (Hagar the Horrible, March 29th)

5. "How much experience do you have?" (Pearls Before Swine, Dec. 7th, 2014)

6. "How long can I play in the NFL? We'll see." (Jump Start, Sept. 21st, 2014)

7. "I had a weird dream last night." (Pickles, March 29th)

8. "Milk Duds." ("Baldo, Dec. 7th, 2014)

9. "There's lasagna in the oven," (Sherman's Lagoon, March 29th)

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