Monday, August 3, 2015

10 Songs in a Row That We Heard on 98.7-SimonFM (Greensboro, NC): No,No, No, Not Late Aerosmith Again

Here are ten songs in a row that we heard on 98.7 Simon-FM in Greensboro, NC, during the 10:00-11:00 p.m. hour on Friday night.

Tonight, we are actually listening to quite a different out-of-town radio station in WYPR-FM out of Baltimore, Maryland, which is currently airing "Jazz with Andy Bienstock," the host of the program has apparently been working the gig since he was a college student in 1986!

Simon-FM is a radio station which plays a variety of popular genres, mostly pop and rock, and usually songs that were released in the 1970s and the 1980s.

We happen to disdain late-period Aerosmith songs from the late 1980s and the early 1990s, but at least, the radio station spared us of the theme from "Armageddon," a Michael Bay action movie we have only viewed once!

Amazingly enough, as we were also surveying ten songs being played on Steve-FM, a similar format radio station in Roanoke, Va., an hour earlier, we heard both radio stations play the mid-1980s pop tune "Out of Touch" by Hall and Oates, which always remind us of the Republican-led humor (forgive the political humor) and no one person embodies that more that House Speak John Boehner (R-Ohio, pict. bottom).

Here are the ten songs we heard during that prime time hour:

1. Stuck in the Middle with You. Steelers Wheel, 1972.

2. Freeway of Love (pict. top). Aretha Franklin, 1985

3. Cryin', Aerosmith, 1993 (yeah, that's the song we hate)

4. One Thing Leads to Another, 1983 (pict. center, our favorite song of the ten)

5. Edge of Seventeen, Steve Nicks, 1981.

6. Out of Touch. Hall and Oates, 1984.

7. Take It Easy, The Eagles. 1972.

8. Beat It. Michael Jackson. 1983

9. Mama, I'm Comin' Home, Ozzy Osbourne. 1992

10. Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder, 1983. (Greensboro alt weekly) (another GSO alt weekly)

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