Sunday, June 28, 2015

Top 10 Comics Washington Post: WuMo Gets Political (well, sort of....)

Greetings to our readers in Azerbaijan, Qatar and Chile....

Happy 70th birthday to Turkan Soray, the queen of Turkish cinema..........

The highlights include "WuMo" making fun of DC lobbyists as fat cats, a perfect strip for the Post (Image #1 is of politician turned lobbyist Trent Lott, a Republican who still spends more time on Capitol Hill than in Biloxi), "Lio" illustrating how a big spider gets everyone's attention (image #2 is a tarantula) and 3) a frustrating phone call with a cable company rep in "Candorville" (Image #3 of the 1996 Jim Carrey black comedy).....

Here are our top ten comic strips from today's Washington Post:

1. WuMo

2. Lio

3. Rhymes with Orange

4. Brewster Rockit

5. Pearls Before Swine

6. Candorville

7. Speed Bump

8. Sherman's Lagoon

9. Knight Life

10. Prickly City

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