Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last Ten Songs We Listened to on Steve-FM (Roanoke, Va.): Thank You for NOT playing Aerosmith

Greetings to our readers in Canada, Malaysia and Azerbaijan.......

Here are the last ten songs we heard on Steve-FM (!06.1FM-Roanoke, Va.) from the hour of 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., local time, on Monday afternoon (Feb. 16th, 2015). Interestingly enough, the mixed genre radio station which plays a mixture of yesteryear songs along with new hits from the likes of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, only played one song from the 1990s, which was "Black or White" by the late Michael Jackson, which was released in 1991. Thankfully, none of these songs are from Aerosmith, a band we really love to hate:

1) Everybody Wants You. Billy Squier (pict. top) 1982.

2) Cruise. Florida Georgia Line. 2012

3) All I Need is a Miracle. Mike and the Mechanics. 1986/96

4) Don't Bring Me Down. ELO (pict. center) 1979.

5) Centerfold. The J. Geils Band (pict. bottom) 1981

6) Black or White. Michael Jackson. 1991

7) What I Like About You. The Romantics. 1980.

8) Sister Golden Hair. America. 1975

9) Cum on Feel the Noize. Quiet Riot. 1983.

10) Happy. Pharrell Williams. 2013.

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