Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Highlights from Our Top 50 Things To Do List: Don't Forget to Call Bob

1. Call Bob (that's the reason we have an image of Bob Hope; yes, we know Bob Hope is dead)

2. Research for Novel (It takes place in South Carolina)

3. Work-out (but, I'm not sure we'll do pilates)

4. Go to local art museum (Our residence is Hartford, Conn., well, not really)

5. Put comics and records in antique shop

6. Read "Interview with a Vampire" by Anne Rice

7. Make a social events calendar

8. Wash car

9. Laundry

10. Recycle (lots of Zevia cola cans!)

NOTE: It's odd how American copyright laws work. One may assume the folks at Zevia in Culver City, Calif., would happy with us for promoting their product with an image of one of their sodas, but they are perhaps more likely to say we have violated their copyright and ask us to remove the image. Ya' just can't win! 


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