Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday Washington Post Comic Strips Survey: We Really, Really Like the Argyle Sweater

This Sunday's "Washington Post" comic strips offered a satire of "Sesame Street" ("The Argyle Sweater") which may NOT go over well with Big Bird fans (or Cookie Monster fans), an awkward mother and son moment ("Knight Life"by Keith Knight), "Big Nate" struggling with loads on homework and "Lio" working on some finger-painting, much to his father's shock and horror.

We are also featuring comics from "The Roanoke Times" (Roanoke, Va.) and "The News & Record" (Greensboro, NC) this week. We will denote strips in the Roanoke newspaper with a (^) and those appearing in the Greensboro newspaper with an (*).

Here are the top ten comics of the week:

1) The Argyle Sweater (Oscar the Grouch, featured in the strip, pictured top)

2) Knight Life

 3) Speed Bump ^

4) Big Nate (image two)

5) Sherman's Lagoon

6) Lio (image three)

7) Pearls Before Swine ^*

8) WUMO *

9) Dustin

10) Brewster Rockit:Space Guy ^ (for our survey of Sunday comics from "The Roanoke Times")

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