Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Favorite Comic Strips from the Sunday Washington Post: It's Shark Week

What does a shark, a goat and a deer have in common? Well, all three were featured in our 10 favorite comic strips from the Sunday, Oct. 27th edition of "The Washington Post."

Some of our favorite strips like "The Argyle Sweater" and "Reply All" missed the cut, while some that we don't normally enjoy as much, including the education-oriented strip "Mark Trail" made our top ten.

Here we go:

1, Sherman's Lagoon (Image One, the strip revolves around a shark named Sherman)

2. Foxtrot

3. Lio

4. Doonesbury

5. Dustin

6. Pearls Before Swine (Image Two, a goat is one of the main characters)

7. Knight Life

8. Brewster Rockit

9. Judge Parker

10. Mark Trail (Image 3, the strip from Oct. 27 revolved around how to avoid hit bambis)

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