Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays and Weather Around the World

We got pretty much rained out of our beach vacation and Tropical Storm Isaac is heading for Cuba and the Florida coast with the possibility of threatening the Republican convention in Tampa. Out of respect to our 'Republican friends' we will hold off on the Paul Ryan jokes until...well, tomorrow.
Here is a look at weather conditions around the world (we are using Fahreinheit, apologies for those of you who use Celsius):
Ankara 61 cloudy
Amsterdam 61 rain
Baku, Azerbaijan 73 cloudy
Buenos Aires 48 clear
Dubai 90 sunny
Frankfurt 61 partly cloudy
London 61 cloudy
Moscow 55 rain
Nairobi, Kenya 59 cloudy
Nassau, The Bahamas 84 cloudy
Singapore 84 sunny
Sydney 64 sunny
Tokyo 88 partly cloudy
Toronto 75 clear

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