Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Favorite Olympic Athletes (2 of 4)_ The Flying Dutchman, et al

Here is a look at some of our favorite male athletes from countries besides the United States (we profiled Americans yesterday):

1.) Usain Bolt, 25, Jamaica, track and field (sprinter)_ As everyone except a yack herder in Mongolia knows that Bolt won gold in the men's 100-meter in a blazing 9. 63 seconds.

2) Tony Estanguet, 34, France, canoeing (pictured top)_ This athlete won gold in single canoeing in 97.06 seconds; we think this might be the most dangerous sport in the Olympics with pole vault being a close second; table tennis is arguably the safest sport.

3) Jordan Jovtchev, 39, Bulgaria, men's gymnastics_ Though he didn't win a medal at the 2012 London Olympics, Jovtchev, who once lived in Oklahoma, came back for a record sixth Olympics in men's gymnastics. He competed on rings where he finished seventh in an an event won by Arthur Zanetti of Brazil. Jovtchev has previously won a total of four silver and bronze medals at the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.
Jovtchev was also the flag-bearer for Bulgaria, which has surprisingly not medaled yet.

4) Riza Kayaalp, 22, Turkey, Greco-roman wrestling (pictured center)_ Kayaalp is so far the only Turkish athlete to medal in London; he won a bronze in the 120-kg class of his sport, an event that was won by Mijan Lopez of Cuba.

5) Andy Murray, 25, Great Britain, tennis_ Murray, who is the fourth-ranked men's tennis player in the world, defeated Roger Federer of Switzerland in straight sets to the delight of the home crowd on Saturday.

6) Epke Zonderland, 26, The Netherland/Hollan, men's gymnastics_ Zonderland won gold on the horizontal bar event yesterday. The Flying Dutchman beat out the likes of Zou Kai (China) and Jonathan Horton (USA) for the gold.

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