Thursday, September 22, 2011

PSA- I Need a Job

For starters,I must profess huge admiration for my friend and fellow blogger Chris Knight who went public with a personal issue that was afflicting his life several months ago.

Though I have made scathing satirical indictments from people as politically diverse as Nancy Pelosi and Michele Bachmann (full disclosure: we have made more fun of Bachmann), I have been hesitant to discuss my own personal life too much on either of my two blogs.

But, alas, I did lose my teaching job recently, and I am eager to find new opportunities elsewhere. Though my three states of preference for work are North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, I will consider looking into employment possibilities regardless if it is in Alaska or Brazil.

The three main areas where I am seeking employment are education, as I specialize in teaching developmental English and English as a Second Language (ESL), journalism and translation work as I am 90 percent fluent in Turkish.

If anyone knows of any such opportunites, then feel free to email me at;I am also working to have my resume posted on LinkedIn as well as career-oriented sites, such as

For those with a similar predicament, WUNC-FM (91.5 FM-Chapel Hill), the NPR station serving about 40-50 percent of North Carolina, has a show called "The State of Things" hosted by Frank Stasio. Though I was not able to listen to the show myself, yesterday Stasio interviewed state employment experts to discuss ways that people can find in the Tarheel State.

On a ligther note, I chose to go with an image of the classic Leo Tolstoy novel "War and Peace" because if I had time to read the massive circa 880-page epic, well it would be now!

We now resume our regular program schedule.

SIDEBAR: I wanted to update those of you who read the Spartak Moscow entry on here last week. In weekend play, Spartak Moscow defeated Samara 3-0 in what was a farewell game for Andrei Tikhonov, who has been an icon amongst the Spartak Moscow fandom. Samara, which sits on the Volga River, is the sixth largest city in Russia.

And, the Swedish team IFK Goteborg tied cross-town rivals BK Hacken 2-2 today with the two goals for IFK coming from Swedish player Stefan Selakovic. IFK Goteborg is the next team I hope to profile in this blog's on-going soccer team series.

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