Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special Quote of the Day- Carrie Fisher

My good friend Moviezzz has informed that one of my personal favorite bad movies "Under the Rainbow" (1981), which previously been profiled here, is being released on dvd today.

The movie features Carrie Fisher and Chevy Chase, and it revolves around the production of "The Wizard of Oz." I saw this film when it came out. I was 11 years old when I saw it at the Valley Cinema in Salem, Va., which still exists today.

It was an exceptionally bad movie with one flat gag after another, yet it is also a very interesting film with an eloborate set and unique characters.

I don't know if I can recommend that you view it, but it would make a perfect film for a bad movie house party.

My cousin Shannon Sturgis recently saw Fisher's one woman show "wishful Drinking" at the Roundabout Theatre in New York, and she said it was an absolutely amazing show.

Ben Brantley of "The New York Times" gave the production a positive review. The show revolves around Fisher's marriage to Paul Simon, "Star Wars" and her bout with mental illness.

For tickets one call (212)-719-3100. The show runs through Jan. 3, 2010.

We have quips from both Fisher and Chase on our two respective blogs. But we quip Princess Leia here:

"I really love the internet. They say chatrooms are the trailer park of the internet but I find it amazing."

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