Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Silly Photo to Fill Space_ "Alf"

I ran into my friend Christopher Knight by chance yesterday, and he told me that he actually reads my blog?!

Knight of Reidsville, NC, not to be confused with African-American comic strip artist Keith Knight ("The Knight Life") who_(like Chris Knight)_ is also a Facebook friend of mine, is best known for making an over-the-top "Star Wars" themed ad when he ran for the Rockingham County (NC) school board in 2006.

The fact that Knight actually lost the race has not kept the ad from becoming a cultural phenom. Last week, it even made "The Jay Leno" show! It has already been featured on E! and VH-1.

Since Chris likes things with aliens, I thought I would post this photo from the Reagan era tv sitcom "Alf." I don't exactly when it ran, or if the whole series is available on dvd (I presume it is). But, my friend and blogger Moviezzz is on top of all these things. In fact, he just posted a great entry about "Ally MacBeal" (1997-2002)finally getting a dvd release which was held up due to music copyright issues.

And, I should mention that another blogger friend of mine Joe Scott of Greensboro, NC, will be screening the film "Aliens" at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas in the Gate City (local slang for Greensboro) on Thurs., Nov. 5 at 7:30 and 10p.m.

I would write more, but I actually have work to do.......?!

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