Monday, October 19, 2009

Quote of the Week- David Mamet

I had a chance to see the Triad Stage (Greensboro, NC) preview production of David Mamet's highly controversial play "Oleanna" last night, and I really enjoyed it!

The play was directed by Preston Lane, who is also the co-founder of the theatre.

"Oleanna" is a heated play because it deals with the ever-sensitive subject of sexual harrassment and how it can quickly turn into a he said/she said 'Rashomon' nightmare.

I had done a paper on the play while at Radford University, and I read it several times. I also saw the 1994 film (the play hit Broadway in 1992) which Mamet directed himself.

"Oleanna" is definitely a play which is better seen on-stage though two of his other plays, "Glen Gary, Glen Ross" and "American Buffalo" have been adapted well on screen.

Ginny Myers Lee was quite as Carol (the student) as was Lee Spencer (the teacher).

Mamet is an interesting figure himself as he wrote a column in "The Village Voice" about moving from left to right in terms of his politics.......the most shocking part of the piece was his support for George W. Bush! (who even many conservatives deemed to be an absolute idiot!).

I highly recommend the play for anyone living in Greensboro/Winston-Salem area.

It runs through Nov. 8. The box office number is (336) 272-0160 or 1-800-579-TIXX

Here is today's quip from Mamet, which I myself don't entirely agree with, but it does illustrate his creative perspectives:

"The avant-garde is to the left what jingoism is to the right. Both are a refuge in nonsense."

NOTE: The above picture with Julia Stiles as Carol is not from the Triad Stage production.

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