Friday, May 22, 2009

Misadventures in Boulder

In case you were wondering if I had been abducted by a UFO, I was in Colorado visiting my sister last week and despite my best efforts I was unable to blog from there, which is perhaps a good thing!

Here are some highlights of the trip:

*I made all my flights, and only one delay the whole trip- that was in Chicago because of a broken windshield

*Went to Denver Art Museum and saw a kewl exhibit on sixties rock posters

*Watched "Easy Rider" with my sister and brother-in-law on Friday night to go along with the art exhibit......still hard to believe Dennis Hopper became a Republican though he did vote for Obama.

*Went to Boulder and shopped for gifts. Highly recommend the Boulder Bookstore and that funky place that has an assortment of Buddhist stuff.

*Went to a sock store in Estes Park. Got a friend some Denver Broncos socks. They didn't seem to have any NFL teams east of the Mississippi, but they have just about everything else.

* Ate sushi and other Japanese food

*Spent four hours at Zigi's coffee shop in Longmont where I read Scott Smith's thriller "The Ruins." Not exactly "Alice in Wonderland."

*Watched a pro lacrosse game, but alas the home team (the Denver Outlaws) lost.

*Saw the new Michael Caine film "Is Anybody There?," which was pretty good though it's a bit of a tear jerker

*Ate at a very good Vietnamese place in Boulder

*Saw "Star Trek." Quite good. Hard to believe Leonard Nimoy has now outlived my dead grandfather.

* Went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, which was the highlight of the trip. My sister and I saw some sort of exotic wild bird there (probably a grouse) which was in pursuit of a lady friend......apparently, 'tis mating season.

*Saw lots of kewl Obama mercandise at Dulles (Washington, DC, airport) on the way, but alas no room in the luggage for anything else!

The trip had a few fiascos:

*-I actually lost one of my tennis shoes in the snow while hiking.

*-I actually lost shaving cream at the airport in Greensboro, which I knew not to pack!

*-I barely made it the returning flight out of Denver as security took a lot longer than I anticipated.

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