Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sunday Comic Strips Dialogue (1/4): From the Washington Post......Curfew Sucks.....

Good afternoon to those of you viewing this blog around the world. Today, we are a bit disappointed that our beloved Swansea fell to Manchester City by a 3-1 score as our Galatasaray troops tied their cross-town Istanbul rival Besiktash 2-2 after having a two-goal lead. But, we have no control of such things.

Today, here in the USA, we are listening to a heart-churning story by Tony Cyprien of Berkely, Calif., who told an audience at "The Moth" about how he served time at the notorious San Quentin Prison that the late Johnny Cash made famous and later turned his life around.

In other news, Katie Holmes may or may not have married fellow Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (we are kidding, Holmes has never won an Oscar). Alas, we are sorry to report that African-American character actor Bill Nunn who played Radio Raheem in Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" has died at age 62 and he is trending on Twitter now.

Here are some samples of comic strip lines we put together; these are from comic strips that ran in the Sunday Sept. 11th, 2016, edition of "The Washington Post." The pictured images are of: 1) Baldo; 2) Garfield; and 3) Baby Blues.

Here we go........!!!:

 1) "Dogs and Cats are NOT supposed to be friends," Mutts.

2) "'s not time for new sheets," Baldo by Hector Cantu

3) "Curfew is ruining my life," Zits

4) "Your friend Steve works at a pizza place. Can you call him?" Foxtrot.

5) "Nice Souvenir T-Shirt," Frazz

6) "Tell Him Not to Lose My Phone!," Baby Blues

7) "I pulled you over to give you an ice cream cone," Knight Life, by the great Keith Knight

8) "Huh? I don't understand. The accident happened last night," Judge Parker.

9) "You mean I get a kiss just for sitting here?," Garfield