Sunday, January 18, 2015

Our Favorite Strips from Sunday, Jan. 18th "Herald-Journal" (Spartanburg, SC)

Greetings to our blog readers in Moldova*, South Africa and Egypt.....

Normally, we list our favorite comic strips from  the Sunday editions of "The Washington Post" and "The Roanoke Times," the weekly newspaper in Roanoke, Va. But, today, we adding "The Herald-Journal," which is the local daily newspaper serving Spartanburg, SC, a city that is one and a half hours south of Charlotte, NC, and known for its BMW factory and race track.

Our top ten favorite comic strips from this Sunday's edition of that paper include "Bizarro," a single-panel comic strip in which a woman calls her neighbor to ask if the giant outside her home has gotten or if her house has gotten smaller. There is now a small house movement in many parts of the United States and perhaps in other countries as well (see top image).

It is sort of a running joke here on the blog that "Get Fuzzy" always finishes second, and that is the case today, with a strip poking fun of how lucky one can get playing a scratch lottery ticket (center image).

And, in third place, the single-panel comic strip "Close to Home" pokes fun of the process in which scientists name the latest medications, in this case, it is from taking the first three letters of their dogs' first names. (Prozac, an anti-depressant, is our bottom image).

Here is our top ten from "The Herald-Journal"

1) Bizarro

2) Get Fuzzy

3) Close to Home

4) Gasoline Alley

5) Snuffy Smith

6) Dustin

7) The Family Circus

8) Dilbert

9) Doonesbury

10) The Phantom

NOTE: This is the rare week when "The Family Circus" was funnier than "Doonesbury" or "Dilbert," that may not happen again until Haley's Comet returns to earth.

*- Yes, we have actually been getting hits from the former Soviet republic of Moldova lately! (not an endorsement)

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