Sunday, January 5, 2014

Comic Strip Dialogue from The Washington Post: Grandpa Going Fishing

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To explain the images, which are in reference to comic strips in today's "Washington Post," the top image above is being used for "Reply All," a comic strip about a Generation-Y woman trying to find her place in the world through lattes, yoga and (of course) her SmartPhone; the second strip is in reference to today's "Sherman's Lagoon." The strip which resolves around a shark dealt with the title character and his crab pal checking out Youtube videos, and we all know nothing is more popular than a cat playing a piano. And, lastly, the final photo of a man with a big fish deals with "Pickles." A modest, conservative comic strip which revolves around an elderly couple. In today's strip, the old man talks to his grandson about fishing.
Here is the dialogue:
1) "Fishing? Don't Be Silly! I'm Walking the Dog" (from "Pickles")
2) Uncle Z....? You Okay? (from "Doonesbury")
3) "Are those the videos that last 30 seconds?" (From "Sherman's Lagoon")
4) "Less than a week into the New Year and I've already broken all my resolutions!!!" (from "Knight Shift")
5) "You Wanted Me To Play Poker with My Friends at the Tavern" (from "Hagar the Horrible")
6) "Katherine, This is Very Good! You Have a Gift of Dialogue" (from "Judge Parker"_
7) "I really can't believe you made this bet with her" (from "Foxtrot")
8) "Well, Mark, it's that time again" (from "Reply All")
9) "How about Gouda? I've got Smoked Gouda" (from "Blondie")
10) "Are you the enemy?" (from "Beetle Bailey") (Coffee Shop in Rockville, Md.)

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