Monday, July 22, 2013

Strange Dreams Indeed: Michael Caine Shines My Shoes in Guatemala

Right now , the whole world, perhaps even barefoot children in the Seychelles, are paying attention to Princess Kate Middleton having a royal baby, but here were are discussing our weird dream.

Last week, one member of our staff, had a dream in which Michael Caine turned out to be a shoe-shiner in Antigua, Guatemala.

When I recognized him, he said: "Nobody has noticed me all week."

I replied: "You're one of my favorite actors."

Caine: "Which film of mine do you like most"

Me: "(Long Pause) Educating Rita, maybe."

Caine: "Oh, that was the movie that I got on an Oscar nomination for, but Robert Duvall won instead."

Me: "Yeah, wasn't he great in Tender Mercies"

Caine: "Get someone else to shine your shoes."

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