Monday, September 10, 2012

Ten People Who Will Decide Who Becomes President (4 of 10)

Well, kids, it has been a long time since we last posted in this series, July 6th was the latest one in fact. And, since the American presidential election is less than two months away, we have some catching up to do.

Today, we focus on my home state of Virginia, with this fictional person in mind:

Name: Nelson Faulk

Occupation: Naval Officer

Party Affiliation: Independent

Race: Afrircan-American

Age: 24

Residency: Norfolk, Va.

Will Likely Vote For: Obama on a coin-toss

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama got 71 percent of the vote in Norfolk. While the city is overwhelmingly Democratic surrounding areas, such as Virginia Beach, tend to vote Republican.

The Hampton Roads area is home to both a large naval base and the Rev. Pat Robertson's headquarters, so it's not surprising that both Obama and Mitt Romney have sought this region out on the campaign trail. In fact, Romney declared Paul Ryan to be his running mate aboard the U.S.S. Wisconsin in Norfolk.

Radical right-wing candidate Virgil Goode, a former member of Congress from Rocky Mount, Va., who served as a Republican and (before that) ironically as a Democrat, will take a long-shot at becoming Virginia's ninth president as he represents the Constitution Party.

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