Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chuck Norris vs. Cuneyt Arkin- Missing in Action

Today, we continue with our light-hearted series asking which actor won Best Actor in the years that American action movie star Chuck Norris, who has a bridge named after him in Slovenia_ of all places, or his Turkish counterpart Cuneyt Arkin, who has made over 300 films even though he is semi-retired.

Incidentally, in 1974, Art Carney won Best Actor (see last entry in series) when Cuneyt Arkin made "Once Vatan/My Country First."

We also have an entry to match this one on our other blog:

Today, we are asking which actor won Best Actor when Norris made "Missing in Action," a mediocre film which actually managed to have three sequels, in 1984; is the answer?

A. Albert Finney

B. F. Murray Abraham

C. Tom Hanks

D. Jeff Bridges

E. Robert Duvall

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