Monday, May 21, 2012

Olympic Cities Distance Quiz (1 of 6)-Paris to Sydney

Today, we begin our much-planned project involving the distances between cities which have hosted the Olympic Games. We were stunned to learned that it has been a very long time since Paris, France, a city that also hosted the second summer Olympics in 1900, has hosted the Olympics. In fact, the last time was in 1924, when the American Olympic delegation sent 288 athletes, including Frank Kriz (1894-1970) won won gold on vault in men's gymnastics.

Sydney, Australia, hosted the games just one time_in 2000, though Melbourne hosted the Olympics (equestrian events were held quite far away in Stockholm, Sweden, that year) in 1956.

For those games, the American Olympic team consisted of 586 athletes, including Nick Hysong, now age 40, who won gold in men's pole vault, a track and field event. Hysong was actually born just one year after Kriz died (the men's gymnast died in 1970; Hysong was born in Dec. of 1971).

Now, we are going to ask those of you checking from Dubai to Denver how far a part these two cities are. Is the answer?:

A) 10,510 miles

B) 10, 530 miles

C) 10,550 miles

D) 10, 570 miles

One can fly a number of airlines to get to this route including (we presume): Malaysian Airlines, Quantas Airlines and Air France.

SIDEBAR: The answer to our quiz on "The Jetsons" is A) 1962. The show was set in 2062, 100 years into the future. The cartoon is thus celebratings its 50th anniversary.

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