Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silly Photo to Fill Space- VW Beetle

We were hoping to go to the Volkswagen Beetle Show at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC, over the weekend, but we were a bit stunned that the entry fee was $15! And, as it is, we had left the camera, in a hotel room in Welch, West Virginia (Yes, we are saying this in jest).

But, we can leave you with this image of a 1968 Beetle. For political buffs, this was the year that Republican Richard Nixon beat Democratic senator Hubert Humphrey to win the presidential election and well, the rest really is history.


Ellsworth said...

A Volskwagon Beetle Show sounds like fun! Well, how was the car show? It must be nostalgic to see a lot of Beetles hanging around together, knowing each of them has a story to tell. I know you wouldn't want to miss these kinds of car events. I know I would!

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Sebastian Gaydos said...

I love the Volkswagen Beetle! Actually, I am generally drawn to vintage cars. Aside from their classic appeal, what I love about vintage cars is they seem to be full of history. These cars were already existing even before I was born! Just imagine how many stories they hold.

- Sebastian Gaydos

Patrick said...

I agree, Sebastian. I always love going to car shows that feature old automobiles. It’s really quite a great feeling to see these classic coup├ęs firsthand. They project a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic. :)

- Patrick Gauer

Clint Moore said...

Beetles are always a dear to my heart! My late grandpa owned one and it’s still running. We feel very grateful for taking good care of it. My grandpa used to tell us that Fritz (the car’s name) was a very helpful best friend back when he was courting my grandma. That very fact always makes me smile whenever I see a VW Beetle. =)

Clint Moore

Nicole said...

That’s true, Patrick! Vintage cars never go out of style, and that’s what I love about it! With a little refurbishing, and a lot of care, watch your car transform from junk, to a classic and trendy one. Just like what The Beatles said: All we need is love! =)

- Nicole Vickers