Thursday, August 18, 2016

Today's Potluck Quote (5 out of 10): Nadia Comaneci

Today, a writing site asked on Twitter to write a five-word sentence in which an elite athlete takes a change in his or her life. My response was: "Simon Biles converts to Judoism." Yea, I'm not sure how well it might get received either, but with that in mind we quote another Olympic gymnast legend Nadia Comaneci of Romania; her husband Bart Conner runs a gymnastics school in Norman, Okla., a town that is also home to the Oklahoma Sooners, a team that won this year's NCAA college gymnastics championships this year.

Yes, of course, we are writing this in conjunction with the 2012 Rio Olympics! Kudos to current Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor for coming back to the sport and competing in the Olympics at age 28.

Today, Bob Costas will probably try to boost our enthusiasm for synchronized swimming.

Here is today's potluck quote of the day: "You should also appreciate the goodness around you and surround yourself with positive people."

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