Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunday Washington Post Comics Survey: Brewster Rockit Conquers the Galaxy!

What do Darth Vader's storm troopers, Audrey Hepburn's little black dress, and (is he a traitor or a hero?) Edward Snowden have in common? Well, they were all reflected in our three favorite Sunday comic strips from "The Washington Post," Mother's Day edition.

In "Brewster Rockit: Space Guy," an attack scene reminiscent of "Return of the Jedi" occurs and one of the tank warriors is a student driver. In "Reply All," the title character, a woman in her twenties thanks her mom over an i-Phone for all her fashion tips. And, in "Candorville," an NSA agent spoils a day at the beach.

Other strips from the top ten include Catwoman and Superman meeting for a date in "Rhymes with Orange,"  (there is actually a "Date Lab" column in the Sunday Post as well),"Lio" has an homage to Icarus, the boy who wanted to fly, and  in "Big Nate," the title character finds a way to play inadvertent mischief on the physical education teacher.

 Here is our top ten:

1) "Brewster Rockit: Space Guy"

2) "Reply All"

3) "Candorville"

4) "Lio"

5) "Doonesbury"

6) "Foxtrot"

7) "Dustin"

8) "Knight Life"

9) "Rhymes with Orange"

10) "Big Nate"

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