Monday, April 7, 2014

Retro Opening Day Tweets: Let's Go Mets, Orioles, Nationals and Reds...

Yes, these tweets from a week ago were meant to be posted by April 2nd, oh well!

1) Anthony Orisses: "Happy Opening Day! A day for hope and optimism and a changing in the season. Let's Go Mets!" (Image at the top is of Mr. and Mrs. Met)

2) Baltimore City Paper: "Two hours to game time...get psyched for some Orioles Magic! O-R-I-O-L-E-S.......!"

3) Joe Sheehan: "Baseball!!! Baseball!!! Baseball!!! Baseball!!! Baseball!!! Baseball! Baseball! Baseball!! Baseball!!!"

4) CMich Crushes: "If you're reappin' the Detroit Tigers then you're my crush."

5) Brian Murphy: "I like America. And, by that, I mean I like hamburgers, Bruce Springsteen and baseball. Happy Opening Day, everyone...!)

6) Cincinnati Reds: "There's no party like a Reds Opening Day Party!" (the bottom image is of Reds' great Dave Concepcion, now age 65)

7) New York Mets: "HOME RUN! Andrew Brown crushes a 3-run HR! 3-0 Mets!" (the Mets were playing the Washington Nationals. The middle image Capitol Hill is located in Philadelphia.....just seeing if you were paying attention! Of course, it's in Washington, DC!)

8) Washington Nationals: "Andrew Brown sends a 2-2 pitch from Stephen Strasburg into the left field center seats and the Mets take a 3-0 lead.

9) Keith Olbermann: Man down. Bryce Harper kicked in the head. (Harpers plays for the Nats).

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